Construction Management

In conjunction with the Development team, the Construction Management (CM) team helps carry out the vision for the developments through leading the front end due diligence which including third party reports (Environmental Phase I/II, Geotechnical), initial design work and conceptual budgets.  The CM team also manages all of the third party consultants such as architects, surveyors, civil engineers, environmental, landscape, energy modelers etc. The CM team is responsible for development timeline management which drives the process from award to construction commencement.  This process involves the timing of deliverables from consultants, to assisting the Development Team with working through local processes which range from site plan approvals and ultimately obtaining building permits. From finance/land closing to substantial completion the team ensures the Owner's best interests are considered in all decisions being made and that their investments are being constructed as planned.  We monitor the product quality, overall budget and the construction schedule established by the General Contractor.  We also work to ensure the communities are built in compliance with the selections made for competitive and mandatory requirements.

Our Expertise:

  • Manage Third Party Consultants (Environmental, Geotechnical & Civil Engineering) 
  • Manage Development Timeline to Ensure Closing on
  • Establish & Maintain Relationships with General Contractors 
  • Develop Budget by Gathering Feedback from Contractors on Design & Cost Throughout Development Process
  • Manage Projects Through Regular Site Visits to Ensure Progression
  • Owner Representation